Talking about a small getaway from your annoying colleague, stressing studies, and all the dramas around you. If you live in Malaysia, Singapore might be one of the greatest choice to do that.

If you’ve just decided you want to go to Singapore just on the way back from getting your lunch, you don’t want to worry about how to get around on a strange land.

One of the greatest peaks in Singapore is probably its super convenient public transportation.

From bus, to MRT you can basically cover the whole country with minimum walking. Plus, there’s an app called “City Mapper”, that makes your life so much easier there. Now, it’s only one touch away to save all the energy to really experience the life there.

Get in touch with the mother nature

A must-go attraction in Singapore – Singapore Zoo.

Singapore zoo tiger

Also, the Night Safari, River Safari, Jurong Bird Park, they’re all neighbouring each other.


Sadly, i only had 5 days to travel around, so I only got to visit the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari. Save a whole day just for these 2 attractions.

The animal show will blow your mind, the knowledge you’ll gain from it will get you overwhelmed, and your heart will be filled all with love and empathy for those animals.

Fun fact: Singapore Zoo has a 16% of threatened or endangered animals in the world.

By going to the zoo, not only suffice your urge to get in touch with the mother nature. You’re also supporting the Wildlife Reserves Singapore, to make their journey to saving the animals even smoother.

Another great attraction will be the Sea Aquarium, just beside the Universal Studio.

If you are going at the non-peak hours and seasons, you’ll really get to relax while watching the schools of fish swimming all around you/right in front of you.

sea aquarium

The Sea Aquarium Singapore has one of the largest tank theatre in the world. You can even dine in and have your romantic dinner with the aquarium lives!

How amazing is that!

If you’re into gambling right after the tour, you’re in luck. Marina Bay Sands Casino is just nearby!

A paradise where foodies meet

Treat yourself to delights at Michelin-featured delicacies. Be that as it may, do spare some stomach space for the long and different rundown of must-tries―from lip-smacking dishes by time-tried vendor legends to flavorful creations by grant winning homegrown chefs.

singapore food

Each supper is an opportunity to enjoy something else, in new place, and in new ways. In case you’re enthusiastic about sustenance, here’s the place the foodies―connoisseurs, gourmands, dough punchers, cooks, mixologists, chocolatiers, tastemakers―meet.

Eating and exploring the nature was my only goal in this trip. I had a lot of fun even though I was lone-travelling. A safe country, with a great economy growth.

Singapore is significantly more than the total of its various attractions. It’s always developing, rethinking, and reconsidering itself, with individuals who are energetic about making new potential outcomes.

the city of singapore

Stop discovering what you can do when you visit. Give the friendly ambassadors a chance to demonstrate to you what you can be the point at which you’re here.

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