Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We landed in Kuala Lumpur for an interesting adventure to set a taste of Malaysia and its atmosphere, within that we’ve made a detour due to our friend, Roger, we ended up at Genting. This is the story of how we explored the Gambling side of Malaysia.

Compared to its Macau counterpart, Genting has a tamed environment with a hint of being slightly blunt when it comes to atmosphere. Roger wanted a casino and he got a casino. But the 22km journey from the city center to the tip of the highlands were rough.

Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia, Daytime View

Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia, Daytime View

We came and sat down at a coffee shop in the high clouds feeling the cool breeze on our faces and thought to ourselves;

“Does everyone here travel this far to go to Genting just to gamble? Surely there’s another better way in town to have the same experience”

The Online Casino Experience

In the casino, everyone was wondering around and minding their own business till we came along. We started asking strangers questions about what gambling do they do in town. We slowly and surely made our way around the whole casino till we found the answer.

” In town we usually use Livemobile88 to gamble our money on phone or online” with a game call  SCR888 and before we are using 888Casino to play.”said  a younger man.

We had a 3 day stop to have a go at adventuring around Genting before we finally sat down to understand the most common method of gambling in malaysia, SCR888 also called as 918Kiss.

Livemobile88 are hosts for a ready made application in Kuala Lumpur and this in turns makes them the best hosting service around that we know off since we don’t know as much as the locals do.

Clicking away we downloaded the application and got our account registered with a “game manager” via Whatsapp messenger. Getting the application installed was hard as it had to be given certain security features on Android Apk and even iOS.

They had categories of wins such as Jackpot and Big Win which apparently doubles the wins or multiplies it sometimes, we couldnt really understand but we knew we were losing when the values dropped.

Now we are here in the game and the center of Malaysia’s online digital gambling harbor. We were astounded by the many users who give their trust to this hosting site and just immediately bankin their certain amount of money for them to gamble.

What Next?

Now by right, we were amazed by the smoothness of the SCR888 application running on our phones even with a retarded internet connection. The application was both reliable and fun to use. When a jackpot or big win comes in the games animates an action winning scene with the screen.

We now have many different games at the touch of our finger tips. First we bankin to the agent who is managing us and let him go around to make money. We believe that digital gambling is a step in the right direction, especially for the younger generation and their future.

Now that we are familiar with the game, we won a few and lost a few, But overall, it was a very satisfying achievement. Livemobile88 sure provides fast service with their phone operators working 7 days a week without problems.

    Back To Malaysian Food

    Now after the online gambling session, we are going to kick it off by reviewing some other tastety delicacies on the market right now. We can get great clips of food but it was never really enough.

    The food here is the best when it comes to flavour and smell. Malay, chinese, indian, cooking and we have it all. The Penang laksa tastes great. Can you have the best smile possible. You deserve a smile.

    Malaysia Map

    Malaysia Map

    At the end of the day, we discovered many things about Malaysia, but the one main request was using a casino app to be able to film otherwise some words not being able  to pickup sound as we recorded ourselves.

    We hope for a better Tour coverage of budget places in the world.

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