The plan sets out seven major tasks of continuing to implement the repair of old houses in rural areas, investigating and correcting hidden safety risks in rural houses, and improving the system and management system of rural construction. Establish a long-term mechanism for rural housing construction management, improve the quality of residential housing construction, and strengthen rural housing construction.

Among them, with respect to the reconstruction of old houses in rural areas, by establishing mechanisms for information sharing and inter-agency updates, rural low-income, dynamic monitoring mechanisms. It is necessary to establish a mechanism for housing stability and long-term housing stability for low-income people in rural areas, and support appropriate facilities that can implement changes. Promote the retrofitting of old houses for the main goal, such as earthquake-resistant retrofitting of rural houses in the rural poor and 7th grade and above rugged areas, and at the same time encourage the implementation of energy-efficient retrofitting and improve the quality of rural housing. .

Regarding the investigation and correction of hidden safety hazards in rural housing, the plan further promotes the correction of hidden safety hazards in rural housing, and in accordance with the local “owner responsibility, user responsibility” requirements for improvement and correction, building owners or users Based on effective management and control, engineering measures such as maintenance and reinforcement, demolition and reconstruction are guided to completely eliminate potential safety hazards. . safety hazard. Encourage all regions to adopt support policies and coordinate reform implementation with the reform of old villages, the construction of new villages and the elimination of rural geological hazards with hidden risks. Strengthen information exchange on self-made rural commercial housing. Fire safety management in rural housing should be strengthened.

Regarding the mechanism from the viewpoint of managing rural housing construction, the plan requires complex management of the entire process by strengthening the public control power that relies on the existing settlement management system. The rural housing construction management mechanism should be improved, the supervision responsibility of the approval department should be implemented according to the requirements of “approvers and controllers”, and closed management of rural housing construction should be implemented. administrative communications. Establish a regular safety inspection mechanism for rural housing to timely detect and eliminate potential safety hazards.

In addition, the plan has detailed requirements for rural housing construction norms and management system, rural housing construction quality, training and management of rural builders, and safety measures.

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