Accurate military support is inextricably linked with accurate intelligence and massive data support. Recently, the US media has exposed that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has turned into an “algorithm war” through the cooperation of US high-tech companies with the US Department of Defense.

US tech firm works with US Department of Defense

Deeply involved in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Recently, the “Washington Post” published an article entitled “How Algorithms Are Upsetting the Balance of Russia-Ukraine War?” The report worked with the Department of Defense and US intelligence agencies to reveal an inside story about a US tech firm’s deep involvement in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

According to the report, what really surprises the Ukrainian military is its communications capability to receive real-time and targeting information. And behind this idiosyncrasy is inextricably linked with the support of Western high-tech companies.

All these photos are from the bases of the American company Maxar. In the photos you can see airbases in Belarus, nuclear bomb storages in Russia and much more. The company receives 15 satellite images per day for users to use, and users can also search through satellite imagery archives from the past 20 years.

Maxar is one of the world’s largest space technology companies with more than 60 years of history, and the US Department of Defense is one of its major customers. The biggest advantage of Maxar is that it can provide high-quality satellite images that can clearly see objects as small as 30 cm.

The newspaper “Washington Post” wrote that the Ukrainian military also widely used the “Meta Constellation” information system of the American private software company Palantir. Through this system, various advanced programs are combined to form a ‘kill chain’. Ukraine and its allies can now see what information is available in the operational area. The information contained in the system ranges from conventional optical images to synthetic aperture radar images to thermal images capable of detecting an artillery or missile launch.

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