The Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Development has stated that by 2025, the National Housing Fund will implement a new digital development model of the Housing Fund, with coordination of all business systems by default, comprehensive data empowerment, full online services and full intelligent control. . In short, the data resource system and platform support system have become more sophisticated, a new digital management mechanism, a new service model, a new regulatory situation and a new line of defense have been initially formed, the functions and service levels of digital management have been greatly improved, and intelligent development is in progress. A new development has been made in the Housing Fund. Housing funds will then realize that the same service recipients are accepted and treated with the same standards across the country.

Wang Hudong, Deputy Director of Housing Fund Supervision Department, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs and Rural Affairs: Through data sharing, regional centers can provide housing fund services to communities, communities and businesses. Backed by data and platforms. , face-to-face, etc. In addition to the service component, it can be performed online and in the palm of your hand.

According to reports, the number of people who actually paid housing loans nationwide reached 164 million, and the number of payment units exceeded 4.16 million, making great progress in data sharing and interregional connectivity.

Wang Xudun, Deputy Director of Housing Fund Supervision Department, Ministry of Urban and Rural Development: National Housing Fund Data Platform, Housing Fund Supervision Service Platform and National Housing Fund Small Program. It has been successfully created and implemented, forming an interconnected national center within the system, and a highway network of interconnected data of housing finance with clear primary and secondary and national integration.

Wang Hudong said that in the future, by promoting the digitalization of housing supply funds, we will continue to deepen the reform of “decentralization, control and service”, more services from online to full online process, easier processing and more publicity. Promotion of “7×24” online service. And realize that “you can understand at a glance and do it with one click” according to people’s service needs and usage habits. At the same time, promote more frequent service materials to achieve “cross-region transactions”, actively integrate payment of housing funds, deposits and withdrawals with related issues such as business establishment and recruitment, and promote cross-departmental services. “Manage one at a time” component.

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