On January 7, 2023 local time, in Washington, D.C., USA, the newly elected Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, took the oath of office following a second round of voting. Images in this article People’s Vision

The subordination of the minority to the majority is one of the fundamental principles of a democratic political system. But in this US House of Representatives election. Twenty right-wing members of the Republican “Liberty Caucus” managed to gain a majority. Let the Republican majority sit with you for four days after 15 rounds of debate and bickering. Compromise, surrender, and even a fight are right in front of you. On January 7, local time, Republicans voted more than once in the presidential election for President of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, in 1923, 100 years ago (in the 1923 election) Then, when Republican President Frederick Gillett was re-elected) was the last time. called “The Ruin of One Hundred Years”

On the evening of November 16 last year, the 2022 US House midterm elections ended with Republicans winning 222 seats and Democrats winning 213 seats in the House. Republicans hold a majority in the House. Republican Kevin McCarthy narrowly won the nomination for Speaker of the House with 199 votes, while ultra-conservative Andy Biggs lost 31 votes. McCarthy needs to get half of all House members to vote. (McCarthy needs 218 if all 435 members of the House vote) Succeed as President. Although Republicans have a majority in this election, they only won 222 seats because Democrats tend not to vote cross-party. But Biggs, a native of Arizona and a key member of the House Liberal Caucus, said he would not vote for McCarthy after losing his nomination. If so, who is the Liberal Party that succeeded in the Speaker’s election?

Freedom Caucus is a private organization. This is a congressional group made up of very conservative Republicans. Compared to other Republicans, members of the party are younger and share political ideas such as balanced fiscal support. The Freedom Caucus started out as a Tea Party organized around 2010 and has now grown to over 50 members. Therefore, it is difficult to ascertain whether lawmakers are not accepting.

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