KK Company Group, which owns KKBOX and streaming technology, announced today (9th) that it will split. KKCompany changes its name to KKCulture Group and KKCompany Technologies Group is established with “Software Technology” as its core. Wang Xiangtang will continue to serve. As Chairman and CEO of the Group, he leads strategic planning, operations and business development.

KKBOX was officially launched in 2005. It has grown from a music platform to one of Asia’s most influential audio community brands. KK Company Group, which has developed streaming technology, audio and video streaming, and created investments and other businesses, will invest in sound community (KKBOX), audio-visual streaming service (KKTV), entertainment and art activities (KKLIVE), cultural and creative investment at the end of 2021 ( KKFARM), streaming technology (KKStream), etc. Distribution to creators and technical and software services will be announced again in early 2023.

In the future, KKCompany Technologies Group will include three brands of self-produced products: KKBOX, KKStream, and Going Cloud, and the original technologies cover various fields such as music streaming, multimedia technology and cloud intelligence.

KKCulture Group will use the ‘impact economy’ as the basis for development. Lin Guangqun, founder of KKCompany Group, will continue as CEO. These include KKFARM, KKLIVE and KKTV. We will focus on that in the future. It describes developments in the “Creator’s Economy, Content Creation” and other areas to help creators and provide opportunities, resources and skills to build a shared culture. Lin Guangqun said that he supports the founding spirit of KKBOX and will work hard for the creators of KKCulture Group.

Lin Guangqun, founder and CEO of KKCompany Group, said he is optimistic that KKCompany Technologies Group, led by Wang Xiangtang and his professional management team, will create the group’s next commercial peak. Wang Xiangtang said that by providing software technology services, starting in Taiwan, it will connect with customers and partners to accelerate business expansion in the Asian market and nurture multinational talent. This is our most important core operating strategy over the next three periods. year

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