Except for restrictions on the sale of new houses or contracts for the sale of new houses, spouses, direct or second relatives, or special cases notified, the buyer may not change the following contracts. . According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, three persons, builders may not agree or cooperate in contract awarding or contract resale, and violators shall be fined not less than 500,000 yuan but not more than 3 yuan. A fine of 1 million yuan per household is imposed.

Second, Severe Punishment for Violent Behavior The provision adopted in the third reading stipulates that anyone who spreads false information, influences the price of real estate transactions, conspires in false transactions to create an indiscreet appearance, makes an illegal sale, or , price increase. Resell and influence the market. Violators will be fined from 1 million yuan to 50 million yuan depending on the number of business accounts, and if corrections are not made within the specified time limit, fines will continue to be imposed.

Third, by establishing a reporting reward system, a certain percentage of the total amount is rewarded when citizens provide evidence to report violations of real estate sales or actual transaction price registration to local governments and receive approval from cities and provinces. increases. Of the fines paid, the amount of compensation is used for reporting.

Fourth, a corporate purchase permission system will be added, and when purchasing a house by a corporation, the use plan must be confirmed and permission from the central authority must be obtained. , he may not assign, transfer or notify the registration for 5 years.

Fifth, the report and registration of contract termination, the clause adopted in the third reading stipulates that the builder must notify the registered matters within 30 days if the contract is terminated before the sale of the house. ; More than 30,000 yuan is allocated on a per-building basis. 15 In one case, a fine of less than 10,000 yuan is imposed. The adopted clause also states that the enforcement period of the amended clause shall be determined by the Executive Yuan.

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